Our Passionate Pursuit of Perfection

Large Building Construction
At Nation Development & Construction, LLC, Mark Nation has assembled a team that shares his singular focus, unwavering integrity, and uncompromising commitment to quality, precision, innovative design, and classical beauty.

Standards for Success

Our core values guide each of our projects and provide us the foundation upon which we serve our clients and build our success.

In every project we seek to combine old-world precision and craftmanship with new-world innovation.


With relentless attention to detail, our concentrated focus is to always build the very best for our valued clients.


Because every detail matters, our expertly designed structures are carefully crafted to reflect our clients’ needs.


We combine the classic beauty of old with the cutting-edge functionality of now to deliver superior, high-quality projects.

Knowledgeable Expertise

Our team’s combined experience in Central Florida development and construction has provided us with a deep understanding of the industry’s ever-changing demands in commercial, hospitality, institutional, industrial, residential, and historic preservation construction. Such expertise allows us to serve our clients and community with dynamic results — from new construction to restoration — that meet their desires and bring their visions to life.

New Construction Projects

Each of our highly capable team members welcome the challenge of devising our approach to new constructions. We always endeavor to put our clients’ needs first and consistently rise to the occasion of realizing even the most complex and demanding project solutions. Here are some of our proud accomplishments.

Restoration Projects – Restore, Repurpose and Remember

To honor what came before, we employ a thoughtful and respectful approach to all restoration work. When beginning a restoration project, we start by considering the men and women who originally brought the building to life and the planning, patience, and ingenuity that went into the original construction. We then turn our thoughts to the people who contracted with them in order to bring that vision to life. Finally, we remember all the people who either lived in or worked to earn their living inside the building. We want to honor all of them in the restoration. That is why we restore, remember, and repurpose.

Building a Better Tomorrow

Together, we can build something special. Partner with Nation Development & Construction, LLC for all needs – from site development to construction. Contact us today at 407-782-1213.

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Restoration work:

Restore, Repurpose, Remember. When I begin a restoration project, I start by thinking about the men and women who brought this building to life. I think about the planning and patience and ingenuity that went into the building. I then turn my thoughts to the people who contracted with them in order to build the structure. Next I think about all the people who worked and earned their livelihoods in this building. Or lived in the building. I want to honor all of them in the restoration. That is why I say we restore, remember, and re-purpose.